About Rob

My name is Rob McGrath and I have been involved with running and fitness since 1987. In this time I have seen many fads come and go in the leisure industry. Here at Run Your PB I have brought together the best of everything that works. From studying much research to what I have seen work for myself and many other runners of all abilities.

My own acheivements include:
• 10k - 32:37
• 10mile - 55:20
• half marathon - 1:14:50
• marathon - 2:47:27
Power of 10 Profile

One of the reasons I have set this website up is that since September 2009, 1 week after coming 2nd in the Langdale Marathon, I had a traumatic knee accident (not running related!) in which I tore both cartilages in my left knee and severely damaged my anterior cruciate ligament. I was unable to run for 15 months.

I only started to run again in January 2011. I had to start very slowly and do a lot of strength training. In April I managed a 4-mile race in 25:48 (down from 22:02 in 2009). The aim of the come back was to run the London Marathon in 2012. I did this and managed 2:53:18, only 30 seconds away from my PB.