Event aiming for
How many weeks away
Time aimed for
Have you run this distance before
How did you get on
What is your current weekly mileage
How many times do you run pw
How many years have you been running for
Do you have any current or recurring injuries or health problems
How do they affect your running
How many times per week are you able to train
Do you /or have you done interval training
Are there any days you can`t train on a regular basis
Are you a member of a gym
Are you a member of a running club
Do you have access to on and/or off road
Is it hilly where you live
What is currently your longest run of the week
What are your pbs for 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon
What is your motivation for doing this run
Can you train 4-6 x pw
Any other information you feel we should know