Testimonial - Kev Dunbar

I contacted Rob at Runyourpb.com after seeing an advert on Facebook. After a couple of initial emails I was more than happy accept Rob's expertise in putting a training plan together. My goal was a PB at Manchester marathon, and if possible to attain my GFA. The plan that Rob gave me was tough but exactly what I needed. I'd previously used adhoc training plans, so to follow a structured plan was refreshing.

The plan was designed around a hectic family/work schedule, and impacted on neither. After 9 weeks I achieved a 45 sec half marathon PB and 2 months later a 12 min 20 mile PB. I felt in the best shape of my life.

Unfortunately I got the lurgy as the marathon approached, and felt completely drained come raceday. I wasn't able to achieve the time I desired, however without the increased level of fitness I don't think I'd have even completed the marathon.

I am now hoping to use that fitness to achieve my goal at Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon in 4 weeks time. I can't thank Rob enough for the training plan and for opening my eyes in how to prepare for a big event.