Testimonial - Alan

I had registered for the Miami marathon (at the end of January 2013), was 62 years old and was painfully aware that the possibility of a 3:30 marathon time was getting more and more unlikely.

After seeing a flyer in mid November, I contacted Rob and signed up. I answered his questions about current level of running, my weekly commitments and my ultimate goal, Rob produced a bespoke training plan.

Things like this are a two way street, and it was essential that Rob obtained feedback on progress, so I produced a training diary showing, for each date, the planned training (as per Rob’s instructions), what I actually did (including mile splits if appropriate) and any comments.

Of course things never go to plan, and in my case they didn’t – It was early January, 3 weeks to go before the marathon and I caught ‘man flu’ (much worse than ordinary flu) and couldn’t run for a few weeks which, of course, knocked my training plan and Miami was looking doubtful. Rob encouraged, advised and adjusted, and I ran it. Even so, I managed a PB at 3:45 in Miami, and that was after training in freezing temperatures, and running in a hot climate. A PB is good, but I was a little disappointed. After Miami, my new focus was the Blackpool Marathon in April. This time I had no illness problems, so was able to follow Rob’s plan for this race.

I was delighted to have beaten my previous PB by almost 14 minutes (13:50 actually), came 1st in my category and ran it in 3:31:56, not too far off my 3:30 target.

To this day I have not actually met Rob, and all communication has been via email. Yet Rob is very approachable, flexible and has certainly delivered on his “Run Your PB” promise.

Thank you Rob! Magic ! I hope our paths cross some day.