Testimonial - Boyd Park

I first met Rob when I began attending his Wednesday evening training sessions about 6 months ago. I had decided that I needed to seek some expert guidance as I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I seemed to be unable to improve my running times. I have always been an average ability runner clocking half marathon times of circa 90 minutes but just couldn't seem to get to the next level. I also wanted to step up to a full marathon and just didn't know what I needed to do to get there.

I was immediately impressed with Rob's wealth of knowledge and his passion for our sport and felt that he instilled a new wave of enthusiasm in me. He really listened to me and truly adapted his advice to my concerns. He helped me to understand where I was going wrong both physically and psychologically and then set me on a training plan with the objective of achieving that coveted goal.

Rob understood that I also had other commitments and developed for me a full personalised training plan which fits in with my daily life without any disruption. It includes a full complement of running and training techniques (interval training, hill work and distance running etc) together with gym routines and weight training and nutritional advice.

I really feel that Rob's help has been invaluable and for the first time in so long I can feel a palpable difference in my running. I am now well into my full marathon training and am confident that I will be able to achieve a finish without hitting the wall at 18 miles as I have so very often done before.

I would recommend Rob to anyone (of any age or ability) who is looking to improve their running skills. He is an exceptionally talented and truly committed running coach and personal trainer.