Adaptive and Progressive

Training should be adaptive and progressive. Progressive is slightly easier to understand. As we improve we can either run more mileage or run the mileage we do quicker. There are various ways to do this, such as just adding more mileage , or just trying to run quicker or adding some mileage and then trying to run these extra miles quicker.

This leads to being adaptive, until our fitness adapts we can`t progress further. Our training plans will help you adapt and progress at you rown speed.. Further to this training programs need to be adaptive to the individual, and this is were a generic running program can fall down.

One other way in which the adaptive process works is once our bodies can do something they become lazy and find the easiest way to do it. At RunYourPB we aim to shock your body out of its comfort zone and completely change the direction of the training from time to time.